Home-Cooked Meal-of-the-Month Club

13 Feb


Let’s face it: Some school nights, getting dinner on the table feels like trying to move a mountain. Soccer practice let out 30 minutes late. You forgot to defrost the chicken. The pan you need is storing leftovers in the fridge. One child likes green beans, the other doesn’t. Someone needs help with homework. Then, halfway through your recipe, you realize you’ve run out of a main ingredient….

Imagine coming home one night each month during the 2013-14 school year to a delicious home-cooked meal for a family of 4-6 people that you didn’t have to think about, shop for, or prepare. Once a month from September 2013 through May 2014, a different Advent parent will bring one of their signature dishes to your house on a weeknight that suits you both. All of our nine donors are great chefs in their own right; some of them even work as professional caterers. The mouthwatering lineup includes Boeuf Bourguignon with salad and baguette, made by Melissa Singleton; Coq au Vin, prepared by Jennifer Grissom; Pork Tenderloin with tiramisu, made by Atticus Rominger; Cassoulet (with homemade duck confit), salade aux lardons, and chocolate pots de creme, prepared by Julie Grimes (of Blacksheep Kitchen); and Greek Chicken Pasta with Greek salad, hummus and pita chips, and cookies or cupcakes, made by Deana Solfronk (of Southern Chic Catering), just to name a handful.

Weeknight meals were never easier (or tastier).

What We Love About This Auction Item: Nine delicious home-cooked meals, delivered right to your doorstep by friends who also happen to be great cooks. (If you’re lucky, they may even give you their recipes.)
Estimated Value: Priceless


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